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KEL enhances and supplies unique IT solutions based on strict adherence to a philosophy it has fostered for more than 30 years: Putting the customer-first.

At Kanematsu Electronics Ltd. (KEL), we are committed to providing IT solutions that support our customers' businesses based on our customer-first corporate policy. As the environment surrounding IT has been transforming at an accelerating pace in recent years, IT is no longer just a tool for highly productive corporate activities; IT is an essential component in planning corporate strategies. In this context, then, we must provide solutions that match the individual needs of corporations by flexibly responding to changes in markets and technologies. To accomplish this, we hope to further refine our development and proposal capabilities so that we can present our company to our customers as a knowledge collective in possession of unique technology. And, by returning high value to all our customers and shareholders, we expect to develop KEL as a more powerful brand. Today, as the IT revolution dramatically restructures our society, we are working hard to make KEL's technology, development, proposal, and support capabilities essential factors in our customers' corporate strategy considerations and to become a corporation that contributes to society through IT.

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Core Competencies

By using its unique core competence, KEL implements a variety of strategies that include tie-ups with other companies.

Forward-looking proposals and proven technology gained through experience

KEL has been providing satisfaction and confidence to our many customers for years in backbone corporate systems - the essential systems that are 'mission critical' to businesses - spanning not just the system development field, but also the operation spectrum. Additionally, we are involved in the development and sales of unique products that suit customers' needs. Leveraging this experience, we can respond flexibly to the challenges of the next-generation IT environment, typified by the move to broadband networks and the transition to open systems and Web-based systems. We are committed, then, to providing high-quality solutions that maximize the effect of our customers' IT investments by using existing systems and infrastructures and efficiently constructing stable and scalable systems.

Provision of optimally configured solutions to our customers' problems

Our customers face an endless variety of challenges, depending on the type and category of their business. In order to provide optimal solutions to each of these problems, it is essential to gain a complete perspective of each customer's business in addition to cultivating, developing, and providing valuable products. KEL does not rely on specific products or a certain manufacturer's framework; instead, we select and match the best products and technologies to deliver the optimal solution. Furthermore, to continue to quickly and flexibly address changes in markets and technologies, we promote collaborations with companies having superior technologies that can help us create solutions in step with ever-evolving needs. We have also accumulated much practical technical expertise, such as verification and performance-assessment technologies, on the environments in which systems actually operate. This enables KEL to develop high-added-value products for our customers and produce meaningful solutions our competitors cannot match.

KEL hopes to continue to work toward the realization of meaningful IT and to consistently meet the individual demands of our customers by utilizing and improving our core competencies.

Business Domain

We aim to arm ourselves with ever more advanced and comprehensive IT skills in the pursuit of recognition as a top total solution provider.

Four types of Solutions and Server Business

Kanematsu Electronics Ltd. provides a set of four server-centered solutions which allow our customers' management problems to be addressed using meaningful IT - specifically, these are Document solutions, Storage solutions, Network solutions, and Engineering solutions.

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The first of these, Document solutions, involves processing the large amounts of data amassed by companies, in addition to the realization both of large-volume, high-speed output and digital-paper environments. Meanwhile, as information has now become the fourth most important company asset after people, property, and money, our Storage solutions package provides a means both of sharing this information and of applying it in a safe and reliable manner. The third, Network solutions, provides support in the form of design, construction, operation, and maintenance of important network-system infrastructures; furthermore, as our society demands ever-faster proposal and execution of corporate strategies, this solution has proved extremely valuable to our customers. Finally, the Engineering solutions package has been formulated for our customers, the manufacturing industry, where industry reorganization and efficient management are in high demand; specifically, this provides a range of different means for achieving more efficient operations and increased productivity.

Multi-Platform Support

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Enterprise servers provide highly-reliable support for the core operations which lie at the heart of corporate activities, and through activities such as design, development, and operation of systems centered on this type of server, KEL continues to deliver optimum solutions to a wide range of customers. In the current business world, it is absolutely crucial that more open, web-based implementation be achieved for data-type applications and for systems realized through internet development. In a multi-platform environment which incorporates all of these factors, therefore, we provide the solutions to satisfy our customers' demands by linking and consolidating systems with high levels of technology and proven results, and also by using our nationwide support network to ensure meticulous maintenance following installation.

Value-Generating Collaboration

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In addition to collaboration with manufacturers and partner companies both domestic and foreign, KEL works together with a wide range of other companies in the realization of optimum solutions for our customers. As these collaborative activities continue to increase on an almost daily basis, we constantly derive their maximum worth through the identification of real needs. Furthermore, the synergy achieved through this KEL Business Network provides a source for the creation of new value, thus allowing this company to provide the meaningful IT expected by our customers.

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Your access on any challenges is welcomed. Please contact Global-SCM Solution Support team at Kanematsu Electronics LTD.

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